Medical Transcription

The medical division of ADA Transcription is made up of certified medical transcriptionists who provide transcription services to individual physicians, practices and researchers across the United States. All work is then proofread by a lead transcriptionist, who is also certified. Our transcriptionists have knowledge that goes far beyond medical terminology; they have a deep understanding of biology, pathology and etiology, as well.  You can rest easy knowing your audio is in extremely qualified hands.

A few of the common medical related audio files
we often receive include:
  • Pharmaceutical Studies
  • Medical Conferences
  • Medical Research Development
  • Physician consultations
  • Memos
  • Letters
  • Psychoanalysis

      ...and many more.


Rates for clear, well recorded audio.
Turnaround Time Up to 2 Speakers 3 or More Speakers
48 Hours $2.25 per minute $2.50 per minute
72 hours (standard) $1.95 per minute $2.20 per minute
One Week $1.50 per minute $1.75 per minute
Two Weeks $1.45 per minute $1.65 per minute

Discount for recurring customers
We appreciate the loyalty of our monthly customers. Even with as few as 5 hours a month, you can take advantage of our discounted pricing.

5 hrs/month = $.02 cents off
15 hrs/month = $.04 cents off
25 hrs/month = $.06 cents off
35 hrs/month = $.08 cents off

45 hrs/month = $.10 cents off
55 hrs/month = $.12 cents off
75 hrs/month = $.15 cents off

Contact us for more information as well as a full rate sheet with all the various options.  We’ll be happy to do a 5-10 minute audio sample for free, AND offer you our 5% new customer discount on the first 5 hours of audio.