Foreign Language Transcription

ADA Transcription offers translation and foreign language services with prices that start as low as $8.50 per audio minute.  Want to find out exactly what YOUR project would cost?  Our estimator includes Spanish price option.  Or email us for other languages or with any questions. 

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Simultaneous Transcription Translation

Let us save you the cost and headache of certified word-for-word translation.  Our final product is shockingly close, but with two main benefits.

With word-for-for translation, the true meaning can be “lost in translation”.  The simultaneous process bridges that gap.

Done in one step as opposed to two, you can save money while still being able to rely on receiving an exemplary end product.

Our standard Simultaneous Transcription/Translation has been a sought after benefit for our clients for years both for quality and cost

Over the years we’ve found this a fantastic process for 99 percent of our customers. Occasionally a client will request the more standard two-step process (Foreign language audio gets transcribed to a foreign language transcript and then a certified word-for-word translation) and when needed, we’re happy to do that as well.

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