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We convert your audio and dictation files into text documents. Our dependable transcription services allow professionals to focus their efforts and time on what they do best, freeing up time and alleviating pressure and stress.

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  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Companies
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Why Use Us?

ADA Transcription Services offers all the expertise and capabilities of a large company, with the personal touch and attention to detail found only in smaller firms.

5% of all company profits will go to charity.

All work performed by ADA Transcription is done within the United States.

What's New

What about Students?

March 10, 2015

So you're not a market research company or a university or some other company who will have regular work coming through out doors.  Does that mean you don't get treated with the same  level of respect, the same superior customer service and attention to detail?  Of course not!

We love working with students whether it's for small, medium or large projects. 

We work with many doctorate students working on their dissertation as well as a variety of other situations.

And what do they say about ADA Transcription?  They love that they can depend on us to return the transcripts to them when they need it for a reasonable price that fits their budget.  

Plus, students especially love our referral programs.  They often know a few others who also in need of transcription services.  If they pass on our name and that person becomes a client, they get a check.  We've had past clients who have made as much as $140 doing just that!

At ADA Transcription we consider it an honor to be a part of your education process.  So send us an email at and don't forget to mention that you're a student!

Elite Customer Service

January 5, 2015

You see it in the wording in our website, and if you've ever worked with us, you know it's true, we have all the capabilities of a large company, AND the customer service and personal attention of a small company.

ADA Transcription treats all of it's customers, as if it's their only customer.

I deal with all customer comments directly, so that I can see the impact we have on the people who matter most.  

Some of my proudest moments are reading those comments and hearing things like "I was happily surprised at the level of responsive customer service I immediately received..." or "It's such a pleasure to work with you.  You've made my job so much easier."

And of course, the highest compliment of all, a referral.  A large percent of our new business is developed from our current clients passing on our information, and that is truly the best way for me to be confident that we are providing an elite level of customer service.

To all of our customers who have ever complimented the way we do business or passed us on as a referral, I thank you for being an amazing touching point for knowing that we are doing things right!!

Ease of Uploading
December 8, 2014

I find that often one of the first things that I get asked is, what's your upload process?  And there is often a sound of fear in the person's voice.  And it's quickly followed by relief, when they hear my answer.

We have multiple ways of making it easy for you to transfer audio to us.  

You can upload it directly on our website.  It's simple, it's easy and it walks you through the steps. It even gives you a place to list any additional spellings of names or organizations or other information you'd like us to associate with your file.

Some customers have an FTP site.  And we're more than happy to accommodate them and use that.

We also partner with Sharefile, which we often use as a work-around when customer networks don't allow normal uploading.  

Suffice it to say, if you've got the audio, we'll make it easy for you to get it to us!

The digital world is a beautiful thing.  But some companies make it difficult, and stressful to use the technology of their uploaders.  We make sure that your experience with ADA Transcription is smooth and enjoyable, so that you can get back to what you do best.