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ADA Transcription has been in business over 15 years.  We’ve grown from a small company, into a powerful team that works with clients all over the country.  And qualitative research is what we do.  Our company has become known for both impeccable work and a fluid process for the research team.  The remarkably collaborative world of research has helped us grow to where we are today.  The best compliments we ever receive are when clients value us enough to bring our name up for a new project, remembering us at a new position or even a new facility.  They remember our name, our quality, our customer service and our reliability.

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Qualitative Researchis what we do.

Research is a uniquely collaborative industry and ADA Transcription is proud to have satisfied customers who frequently refer us across the board. For years we have been a trusted name through strong relationships with groups like the John Hopkins Bloomsburg Research School of Public Health, the Dana-Farber Cancer at Harvard, the Center for Health Equity at Rutgers and many more.

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