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Come work with a company that understands the unique needs and struggles of the qualitative research industry. Let us make your life easier and your transcripts more usable.

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Invoices separated by studies. ID tracking. Encryption and integrity controls security.  Password protected transcripts.  Standard language capture or strict verbatim... the list goes on. Give us a chance to show you just how much the RIGHT company can make a difference.

Monthly Invoicing

Lose the hassle of an invoice for every upload. Only receive one invoice a month for each study.

Automatic de-identifying and tracking of last names.

And of course we offer other ID removal or coding when necessary.

Password Protection

We offer study specific password protection. Your transcripts aren’t just safe while being sent, they’re also safe sitting on your computer, no matter who uses it.

Call In Service

Have your phone calls automatically sent to us for transcription.

Study Specific Set Ups

Multiple studies with different needs? We got you covered. Everything from special instructions and details to who receives transcripts and how invoices get processed is all tracked by study name.

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We hear our client’s needs. It’s how we’ve developed into what we are today. And it will be how we continue to grow in the future. Wish you had a transcription company that would just..... ? Come talk to us. You may be surprised.

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